La Vita Lush

La Vita Lush was founded by a mother of two, who was looking for a natural alternative to the harsh chemicals and steroidal creams that were used to treat her family's eczema. Seeing the amazing results that her products achieved, many friends and associates within her community began asking for products for themselves & their families; and thus La Vita Lush was born

Having a love for fragrance & beauty, our founder continued to expand our line to include an amazing array of products that allowed those with skin sensitivities and allergies to enjoy fragrance & cosmetics, while continuing our tradition of only using skin loving, natural ingredients. Now operated by that same mother and youngest son, La Vita Lush prides itself on bringing luxurious quality and natural ingredients together with affordability.


After the untimely death of her oldest son, our CEO has gone on to created a non-profit that champions healthcare and education for youth in the state of South Carolina. She speaks throughout the country on topics of health, education, & beauty. La Vita Lush proudly sponsors an annual self-care summit for women and several initiatives for the NOLA Network.  If you would like to know more about our CEO, how La Vita Lush gives back, or initiatives for the NOLA Network, please go to or email at